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About Climate Lead Africa

Promoting sustainable and environmentally responsible companies, investors and cities across Africa.

Climate Lead Africa is a non-profit organization that support companies, investors and cities to report and manage their environmental impact.  

Together we champion the business leaders to drive sustainability action including climate change, reforestation, renewable energy, smart cities, circular economy, access to water and sustainable agriculture.

We believe that investing in climate change will deliver progress towards zero carbon and benefit to all.

Why Engage the Private Sector?

We know that climate change is a global challenge which is complex in nature. Strengthening the campaign’s engagement with the private sector through Climate Lead Africa demonstrates a clear understanding that the private sector is a powerful partner in advancing low-carbon economy.

The private sector has a vested interest and a significant role to play in advancing climate change. Businesses must therefore be creative in their approaches to partnerships to amplify the impact of their efforts toward climate change.